About us

HalloFoto! is a voluntary initiative. The professional, effective team includes a graduate linguist and two internationally acclaimed photographers. HalloFoto! is an independent organisation and exists through the hard work of its team and supporters. A registered, non-profit association is currently being established.


Dr. Lidia Cámara de la Fuente

Dr. Lidia Cámara de la Fuente
Project management & linguistic support

Lidia is Spanish and holds a PhD in Linguistics. She took part in a University of Cologne research project on supported communication (ACC) in multilingual environments. She currently teaches multilingual didactics, heterogeneity and inclusion in foreign language teaching and bilingual and multilingual language acquisition at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Improving communication for disadvantaged people (those with impairments, immigrants and refugees) is a particular focus of hers.


Peter Lindemann

Peter Lindemann
Technical management & exhibition design

Peter has been taking photographs since he was 16 years old and has worked since 1994 as a photographer. He has won national and international acclaim and was selected by Lürzer's Archive as one of the 200 best photographers in the world.


Sandra Stein

Sandra Stein
Artistic direction & exhibition design

Sandra has worked since 1999 as an internationally acclaimed portrait photographer. She does her own art projects and photographs famous people and interesting faces for magazines.


Lina  Orrego

Lina Orrego
Pedagogical management

Lina is Colombian and has a master's degree in International Business. She is keen on sport and interculturality and is active in primary schools and at the emergency accommodation centre on Herkulesstraße in Cologne, where she works with children and refugees.

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