The direct goals of HalloFoto! are language development via supported communication (ACC), the increase of self-awareness and self-image, artistic expression and intercultural experiences, as well as reducing prejudices and inhibitions. Sociopolitical goals include the empowerment of girls and young women, a statement against sexism and racism, as well as integration and inclusion.

Alongside the direct integrative benefits for the participants, HalloFoto! wishes to put a face to the anonymous and difficult-to-grasp number of refugees, in particular to young girls, thus presenting them as people and a part of our social reality.

The background to this is that due to cultural, family and religious reasons, when in emergency accommodation and in contrast to boys of the same age, adolescent refugee girls live in an isolated way, which affects their learning of the German language as well as their opportunities for integration.

Hallo Foto! Bye bye prejudice!